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Jewelry artisan Gretchen Baneyx

Gretchen Baneyx

Gretchen Baneyx

My creative journey began early. I was one of those kids when given crayons and paper they’re entertained for hours (a big plus for my mom!). As I grew older my interest in math and science pulled me away from art and I spent my next few decades pursuing the scientific muse.

My transformation into as a metalsmith began while I was working as a research scientist. I used to joke that it was ‘therapy’ for my day job. I began by dabbling in wire wrapping, but really fell in love with creating jewelry when I lit up my first torch.

What surprised me the most after I become a jewelry artist was the depth of personal meaning customers find the pieces they wear. It’s far deeper than personal adornment. I now realize the right piece of jewelry expresses who you are, makes you feel more beautiful, and reminds you that you’re loved.

I believe firmly that the world needs strong, confident women who feel at home in their bodies. I want to see women grow and succeed, empowered by feeling beautiful in their own skin — so the inspiration for all of my jewelry is based on a balance of strength and grace.

My concepts often begin with a sudden, inspired visual spark — I quickly sketch it and develop it in metal, playing, creating and moving elements around  — reworking each piece until I achieve a satisfying balance of geometry, line and texture. I use recycled metals and responsibly sourced gemstones in all my creations.

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